Small groups of journalists, scattered throughout the day, participated in the Press Day organized by the Agency for Arredo3 last 29th September.

The event, held during the Milan Design City, was the opportunity to experience the company first Flagship Store in Milan and discover the new Tratto_10 kitchen.

Both the exhibition space and the new kitchen model were designed by the designer Andrea Federici.


Located in the prestigious via Solferino, within in the historic “Casa in Piazza San Marco” building, the brand-new location is developed on two levels and it aims at enhancing all the kitchen models as well as other pieces of furniture dedicated to living and dining spaces. A space conceived as a sale point, but also as a meeting place between Italian and international architects, designers and industry professionals.

Tratto_10 is an archetype of cuisine inspired by the search for a distinctive and characteristic feature, able to propose a traditional but at the same time contemporary style. The kitchen is the place where most of the family life takes place and that most represents the personality of those who live the house. For this reason, it is important to have the possibility to mix various accessories that the company itself has developed to complete the Tratto_10 collection, giving space to the creation of exclusive and versatile spaces.

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