Keyword: positivity

We are living an exceptional period and we find ourselves facing an unprecedented challenge: the change of our habits, including at work.

Meetings, events, trade shows are missing but not communication. As it happened already in the past, communication changes, evolves, takes on new forms, is declined on different means but does not stop.

The priority for companies is stay close to employees and partners and make media and institutions hear their voices. This is possible only by continuing to communicate with positivity and passion. The answer to this difficult situation is to have confidence in the future and not to stop working with commitment and professionalism.

What can be done concretely?

Every positive initiative or action, whether in support of the community or linked to significant performance or future programs, are an opportunity for companies to communicate and be present on the media.

It is essential to maintain a direct connection with the partners, especially the international ones, that may receive incomplete or even incorrect information. Companies should therefore send written communications to their network, reassuring and involving close and distant collaborators.

Last but not least, employees, whose working life has radically changed, need to feel the company’s closeness; a proactive communication will make them feel involved and indispensable.

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