“Just for one day”

19 novembre 1979
Exhibition at Studio Marconi, Milan
Press Office and Event Organization

Guest star of the event Ettore Sottsass jr., the author of the book “Esercizio Formale” and the products he designed for Alessi and intended for bars and pubs.
The exhibition lasted just for one day… actually as its title “Just for one day”, and showcased 45 original pieces: Indian ink and watercolor drawings composing a very special diary, with notes concerning readings and travels, some of them coming from direct experiences and others from memories.

Highlights The book, published by Alessi was printed in 999 enumerated copies in Arabic characters and 199 with Roman ones. The bar items, American shaker, ice bucket, coolers, accessories, are still successful and present in the Alessi catalogue.

Winged Word. “… exercise on the shape of society, deep exercise about society as a shape, vague further exercise on the society as vague planetary decoration, bitter exercise about society as a mere decoration, that is to say as a pure shape, exercise on the shape as history, as formal exercise.”
Ettore Sottsass jr.