“Pasta Pot”

March 8th 2007
Showcooking with Alberto Alessi, Teatro 7, Milan
Concept and event organization

For the Press Preview organized to show the special features of “Pasta Pot”, a special pasta cooking item, Alberto Alessi cooks together with a selected group of journalists some typical Italian recipes. This special Pot was born from the creativity of the renowned French Chef Alain Ducasse in cooperation with his trusted designer Patrick Jouin.

Highlights Once, the ancient olive pickers cooked their grains risotto-style, mixing them with herbs and liquids and cooking them all together until the grains softened and the flavors and ingredients blended together to create a sauce.

Winged Word. “If the pot were made by a good potter, were smooth and round and well-fired, as are some of the two-handled pots…, very beautiful ones, we must agree that it is beautiful. For how could we say that being beautiful it is not beautiful?”
quote from one of Socrate’s dialogues