The furniture sector represents for Il Quadrifoglio the main scope of action: many companies have relied on the agency over the years to build and enhance their brand, launch their products internationally, organize press conferences and events.

Il Quadrifoglio manages and develops relationships with the most important players in the sector: companies, national and international media, architects and designers, influencers and the most qualified trend setters, the trade fair system and institutions to develop multichannel communication projects supporting customers on a journey of growth and development.

Furniture is a flagship of #MadeinItaly. Not only is it known all over the world, but it is above all composed of companies that work with passion, able to integrate craftsmanship with the most modern technologies, trough the work of Italian and international professionals who give life to the boldest projects.

Communicating is vital: bringing out the story behind each company, the research and dedication linked to the development of each project, using media and channels that are in line with the positioning and target of the company.

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