dcomedesign Association

Founded in May 2010 by Anty Pansera, Luisa Bocchietto, Loredana Sarti and Patrizia Scarzella
Since the foundation of the association in 2011, communication, press office, event organization, press conference

Four women with a wide experience in the design field founded an association, under the sponsorship of ADI (Association for the Industrial Design), whose main objective is to promote and raise awareness of female creativity in design. The concept of the Association emerged from the “D-Come Design exhibition”, that illustrated the contribution of women designers from the beginning of the 18th-century to the present day.

Highlights . “DIGNITY DESIGN COLLECTION” Thai artisans + italian designers = products 4 a sustainable future
Within the scope of the project being undertaken with the International Good Shepherd Foundation, a collaboration has been launched with a team of women designers who have donated their skills to the definition of a proposal for a series of products to be made in craft workshops managed by the Sisters of the Good Shepherd in Thailand.