Unical design boiler Osa was awarded the Compasso d’oro ADI, the most ancient and the most authoritative global design prize awarded by the Associazione Disegno Industriale

Designed by ArtÚ Design Study, Osa has the distinction of being the first boiler designed as a piece of furniture, revolutionizing the industry. The ceremony of the 25th edition of the ADI Compasso d’Oro took place on 20 June 2018 at Castello Sforzesco in Milan.

JUSTIFICATION: “Most people, when they think of a boiler, also think of how to hide it from view: where to secrete all the pipes, valves, knobs and exhausts. Osa is different: although it is as big as other boilers, it is thinner and looks like abstract art, self-contained, elegant and sombre”.

Unical OSA
Osa - Compasso d'Oro
Premiazione Compasso d'Oro

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