Doutdo, Impatia, NUVOcomfort, Quagliotti

New year, new challenges: 2019 begins with wellbeing and luxury.

Doutdo, NUVOcomfort, Impatia, Quagliotti enter the customer portfolio of Il Quadrifoglio and will be supported with media relation activities aimed at developing and strengthening the business strategy.

From charity to well-being, from luxury gaming to luxury linen: Doutdo, biennial dedicated to the world of art , raises funds in support of the Fondazione Hospice MT. Chiantore Seràgnoli; NUVOcomfort, brand of the bedding sector that revolutionises the concept of comfort with its innovative products; Quagliotti, Italian leader company in weaving high-quality linen, creates tailor-made products for an international clientele; Impatia, born from the union of Italian traditions of art and craftsmanship with the most refined design, produces luxury game tables.

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